I provide thoughtful and experienced advocacy on behalf of clients in federal and state tax planning and disputes nationwide. I focus on various state and federal tax matters, which includes:

  • structuring business and real estate transactions, including buying, selling, leasing, and other transfers and dispositions;
  • depreciation and cost segregation issues, including advice on the tangible property regulations and dispositions;
  • partnership tax issues, including partnership agreements and allocations;
  • accounting method changes, including Form 3115 presentation and strategy;
  • research tax credit issues, including qualification and funded research analysis;
  • self-directed IRAs and other plan issues, including qualification, prohibited transactions, and the unrelated business income tax;
  • passive activity loss and at-risk issues, including self-rental and grouping rules; and
  • tax procedural issues, including questions about tax attributes, timing, character, and penalties and interest.

I also handle disputes with the IRS and state tax authorities for both businesses and individuals. I have represented businesses ranging from entrepreneurs to multinational corporations, in industries such as high technology, manufacturing, oil and gas, and government contracting.